Systems Observability
You can use LogicLoop to monitor systems uptime. Your company may already be using tools like Sentry and Datadog for infrastructure monitoring. In addition, users have found LogicLoop useful to monitor data-driven metrics and external APIs that aren't easily captured by Sentry or Datadog. See below for some examples.

Every 10 minutes, query an API your service relies on. The API can be an external or internal service.
If the request fails, LogicLoop will send you an email notifying you of the failure.

Detect if number of signups on the website has been low.
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Send a Slack alert to your team to investigate.

Similarly, you can use LogicLoop to monitor when there's a drop or change in a unit critical to your business.
Digital health companies: monitor a drop in the number of appointments scheduled today.
Recruiting companies: monitor a drop in the number of candidates who were scheduled for interviews today.
E-commerce companies: monitor a drop in the number of orders placed in the past hour.
Ride-share marketplace: monitor the number of rides completed in the past hour.

Select all applications that are still processing after a certain amount of time.
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Create an Asana ticket for an analyst to review.

Query for fields that should not be Null
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Create a JIRA ticket for an engineer to review.

Query for children objects that are orphaned.
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Create a PagerDuty alert for an engineer to review immediately.
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