For all of your actions, you can customize the notifications that are sent downstream to contain all the relevant information the destination needs to know about. You can inject these parameters into your action subscriptions within curly braces:
  • {{ ACTION_URL }}- The action page url (string)
  • {{ RULE_URL }} - The corresponding rule page url (string)
  • {{ ROWS }} - The rule query result data (JSON array)

To generate a digest of all rows returned, you can iterate over the ROWS object and reference column names
This generates the following Slack digest:

If your action is configured to raise a notification for each individual row returned (as opposed to once on the entire result), you will also have access to these additional parameters:
  • {{ ROW }} - Data of the specific row returned (JSON dict)
  • {{ ROW_[COLUMN_NAME] }} - The specific value of that column in that row (string)
If you choose not to customize and leave the configuration fields blank, we will use the default system template (shown as light grey placeholders in the action subscription form).
The following example operates against a query that returned results with this structure:
Here's an example of a Slack notification template with injected parameters:
Here's how the Slack notification actually looks:
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