Invite your teammate

LogicLoop is meant to be used not just by an individual user, but for teams to collaborate on queries and dashboards. If you're an admin user, you can invite your teammates to LogicLoop. Just go under Settings > Users > + New User and enter your teammate's name and email.

Your teammate will receive an email in their inbox with a link to sign up for LogicLoop.

When searching your inbox for your "LogicLoop" invitation email, be sure to check your spam/promotions/updates folder.

Create admins

Admin users in LogicLoop have the ability to do everything. They can add new users, groups, permissions, data sources, actions and more. They can run and edit all queries, dashboards, and actions, etc. You can make your teammate an admin by simply adding them to the Admin group.

An admin can disable a teammate at any time by going into the user's settings and clicking Disable.

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