Connect your data source

The first step is to connect your data source to LogicLoop. We support a variety of sources:

  • Data warehouses such as Big Query, Redshift, and Snowflake

  • Relational databases such as Postgres and MySQL

  • Non-relational databases such as MongoDB

  • Any API that returns JSON data such as Slack, Mixpanel, Stripe, and Twilio

Check out our deployment options to learn about how we connect to your data securely

In order to add a new data source, you must be an admin user. Go to the Settings > Data Sources tab.

Click + New Data Source to open the Create a New Data Source wizard.

Select the type of your data source, and enter the necessary user credentials to configure it. We recommend configuring your data source with a read-only user. Then click test connection to verify the setup.

You can always go back and edit a data source by clicking on it from the Data Sources listing page.

Allowing Access to LogicLoop

Organizations must ensure any configured data sources allow access from LogicLoop's IP addresses. If you make use of inbound firewall rules, please reach out to for the IP addresses to include in its allowlist. Refer to your data source or firewall documentation for specific guidance.

View Data Source Rules

When viewing a data source, you can see all rules associated with that data source.

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