One of the most common use cases for LogicLoop is to have your rule post a message to a Slack channel. To have your rule ping a Slack channel all you need is your Slack Incoming Webhook URL which you can create here or choose from your existing Slack Webhook URLs here. You can read more about Slack's webhooks here.
Through Slack's interface, you will be able to choose a channel you want your webhook to post to.
Once you select a channel and click Add Incoming WebHooks integration, you can copy the Slack Webhook URL that is returned.
Paste the Webhook URL to your LogicLoop Action Destination under Slack Webhook URL.
Once the Slack Action Destination is set up you can go to your rule's action page and add the Slack destination so that every time you rule runs, it will generate a Slack alert if the criteria is fulfilled.

Slack notification template

You can customize the format of your Slack notification to include all the information your operator will need to know. You can read more about how to template your notifications here.
Here's an example of Slack notification template:
And here is what it will look like when it triggers an actual Slack message: