Visualizations & dashboards

Visualizing your queries

Visualizing is often the best way to understand data. LogicLoop supports several different types of visualizations. The most popular are Charts (Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Scatter), Counters and Details views.
Bar chart showing account balances of merchants that need attention
Counter showing the number of merchants returned by this query
Details view showing all information about merchant
To visualize your query's results, click on + Add Visualization button under the query text box.

Creating a Dashboard

You can share the visualizations you create in your queries with dashboards.
Create a new dashboard by navigating to the Dashboards tab and clicking + New Dashboard. Now you'll be able to select the visualizations you want to include in your dashboard, and even add text notes.

Sharing and Embedding Dashboards

When you publish your Dashboard, it will be viewable by all of your teammates in LogicLoop who have access to the underlying data source powering your dashboard.
In addition, you can give a specific set of users on LogicLoop permissions to edit your dashboard by clicking on Manage Permissions and inviting them as collaborators.
If you would like to take it one step farther, you can even create a public link where anyone who has access to that link can view your dashboard. This can be useful, for example, if you want to share a dashboard with an external user who is not an employee at your company.