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Visualizing your queries

Visualizing is often the best way to understand data. LogicLoop supports several different types of visualizations. The most popular are Charts (Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Scatter), Counters and Details views.
To visualize your query's results, click on + Add Visualization button under the query text box.
Bar chart showing account balances of merchants that need attention
Counter showing the number of merchants returned by this query
Details view showing all information about merchant
Pivot Tables
All the field aliases from your query result become available at the top of the pivot control surface. You can drag these to the row side or the column side. You can also nest them.
Map - Choropleth
If your dataset contains names of countries or US states, you can plot them on a choropleth map.
Map - Markers
If your dataset contains latitutes and longitudes, you can plot them as markers on a map.