Ask AI

LogicLoop Ask AI is an AI-powered assistant that can help users generate ideas for using LogicLoop and can answer basic support questions. The AI assistant uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand user queries and provide helpful responses.

The AI SQL Helper is currently only supported for SQL based datasources like MySQL, Postgres, Snowflake, Big Query, and Redshift. LogicLoop accounts come preloaded with a "Sample Postgres DB" you can use for testing.Ask AI allows users to generate ideas for using LogicLoop based on their business needs. Users can describe their business problem or goal in plain English, and Ask AI will generate ideas for how LogicLoop can help solve the problem or achieve the goal.

To Ask AI, describe your business problem or goal in plain English. For example, "I need to analyze customer behavior to improve sales." The AI assistant will then provide several ideas for how LogicLoop can help you achieve your goal, such as "Use LogicLoop to analyze customer purchasing patterns to identify opportunities for upselling." You can Ask AI to then directly create this query.

Check out a complete demo here:

Show Query Results

Ask AI now allows you to directly run SQL queries generated by your conversation. Just click the 'Show Query Results' option and LogicLoop will execute your generated query against your connected data source.

The results of your query will then automatically be shown. You can then select 'Create Rule' to automatically place your SQL in a rule that you can schedule, automate, and alert on with the power of LogicLoop.

This feature is powered by OpenAI. If you use this feature, only the text of your SQL query or your data schema format will be sent to OpenAI. None of your actual data will be sent.

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