Render Data as JSON

Create JSON Objects from your data for flexible use in actions and automations

All beta features are available to users before official release. Your testing and feedback are an enormous help, please leave any feedback or bug reports you have at Note that beta features are not guaranteed to be supported or compatible in the future.

Using JSON in Templates

JSON objects have already been natively supported for PostgreSQL and Redshift. Historically we allow users to dynamically render json data in a template using mustache:

{{name}} is name

We're adding support for iterating over JSON objects in action templates for more data sources.

Format your Data as a JSON object

We have introduced a naming convention to append the prefix type_json_ to a column which will signal LogicLoop to parse the column value into JSON. All columns you return whose names start will type_json will be parsed as JSON.

Use Your Object in an Action

Once you have a rule that creates a JSON object, you can use the JSON object in an action. You can use action templating to iterate over and access the values in your objects.

This feature is only available when triggering the action under the setting:

For each row returned

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