This documentation will guide you through the process of connecting to a Snowflake data source. To establish a successful connection, you will need to provide specific connection details and, if necessary, configure additional settings.



Connection Details

Data Source Name

The "Data Source Name" is a user-defined name for your Snowflake database connection. Choose a name that helps you identify this connection within your system.


The "Account" refers to the unique identifier for your Snowflake account. This should be in the format of org_name-account_name. Check this instruction about how to find this info in your Snowflake account.


The "User" is the username associated with your Snowflake account, which you'll use to authenticate and access the Snowflake services.


The "Password" is the corresponding password for the user specified above.


The "Warehouse" represents the Snowflake computing warehouse that will execute your queries. It's where your data is processed.


The "Database" is the name of the Snowflake database you want to connect to. Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to access this database.

Region (Optional)

The "Region" is an optional field that specifies the geographical region where your Snowflake account is hosted. It can be used to optimize data access based on proximity.

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