Digital heath companies use LogicLoop to manage patient care, increase engagement, and manage system logistics.

Upcoming prescription refills for patients

Select all patients who have an upcoming refill.
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Send them a text reminding them to pick up their meds.

Collect on unpaid claims

Detect claims that still have not been paid for 90 days.
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Send out an email to the insurance provider to collect.

Lab results taking too long to process

Detect lab results that have not been processed in over 30 days.
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Alert the team on Slack to investigate.

Update vaccination status

Select all patients that had a COVID vaccine at least 7 days ago.
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Update the status of those patients to 'Fully Vaccinated' by writing to your data source.

Alert on poor lab conditions

Alert if humidity levels in the lab room are too high.
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Send a PagerDuty alert for someone to investigate.