AI Security

LogicLoop handles all customer data in a safe and compliant manner. LogicLoop's AI-enabled features, such as Ask AI and Query Helper, use third-party LLLMs to offer users the best experience.

We currently use OpenAI's APIs to power AI-enabled features. Here's how LogicLoop keeps your data scure:

  • Only your data schema is sent to OpenAI, not your actual data.

  • OpenAI does not use API data to train its models (source).

  • If your organization uses an LLM Firewall provider such as,, please email to integrate.

  • LogicLoop is partnering with other privacy-focused LLM Cloud providers like Google and Anthropic, please email to discuss your needs.

  • LogicLoop is considering hosting our own models inside our SOC2 Type 2 compliant infrastructure, please email to discuss your needs.

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